‘How to Grow a Playspace’ Publication


It is with great (but overdue) excitement that I announce some news. A proposal submitted to UK publishers Routledge, Taylor & Francis in the middle of this year, has finally been given the green light! How to Grow a Playspace; Design and Development will be a comprehensive guide on children, play and play environments edited and authored by myself and Katherine Masulanis, another experienced landscape architect and author in the world of play. The book (aimed as an accessible reference for designers, educators and the community) will covers topics from child development to child friendly cities, forest schools to project planning, and feature inspiring case studies from Australia, the UK and US, Japan, Hong Kong, India, East Africa, South America, Germany & the Netherlands. We are also  fortunate to have a rich melting pot of expertise with respected and renowned contributors for the book who are advocates and experts on play from around the world including; Bernard Speigal, Wendy Russell and Helle Nebelong.

I will post regular updates on the books development before it is due to be published in January 2017.

So stay tuned….