Ok, this summer in south / eastern Australia hasn’t quite been summer as yet…..instead, LOTS of rain!

So why are you and your kids indoors, its not cold and there’s SO much to do when its wet in your garden, street or local park?

Take puddles for example. How much fun is there in sploshing and splatting (yes clearly I’m enjoying the onomatopoeia) in a giant puddle….wonderful fun and great exercise. Did you know that many animals and insects are also at their most active when its raining or just after its rained, so there’s much to explore. Its never to wet or too cold to be outdoors, there’s only inappropriate clothing! So get your gumboots (for those in the northern hemisphere they’re wellies) and raincoats on and GET OUTSIDE!

puddles 4





It’s only water.

The Wild Weather Book by Fiona Danks and Jo Schofield (2013) is a great guide to ideas for the outdoors at ALL times of the year.


PS: Adults if you are concerned about getting wet, bring an old towel with you to wipe things down.

puddles 3