Making physical activity the ‘new’ normal


‘Designed to Move’ is a world-wide initiative aiming to increase physical activity, particularly in childhood.

Watch the video below to see the effects that decreased physical activity is having on us – the children are asked what they would do if they had an extra 5 years to live, the 5 years they will lose as stats show the health effects of decreasing physical activity on our future generations.

These stats and framework were put together by over 70 experts from a range of disciplines from around the world. The telling effect is that in less than 2 generations physical activity has dropped by more than 20% in the UK (and research shows us that Australia tends to parallel the UK’s figures) and 32% in the US. The most frightening stat comes from China where physical activity has dropped a massive 45% in one generation!!

The objectives are simple – just 2 asks…..

Ask 1: Create early positive experiences for children (if kids enjoy physical activity they will come back for more)

Ask 2: Integrate physical activity into everyday life (changing our world  to make physical activity easier)

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