Estrella Pre-School, Ashburton

Estrella Pre-School were keen to prepare a long-term masterplan for the future to strategically guide planning. The aim was to retain all the qualities that make their current play area so valuable for play; the trees, the natural spaces and elements, whilst at the same time improve connections, surfaces, look to maximise existing vegetation whilst at the same time prepare for future planting.

This primarily involved re-designing and expanding the existing sandplay area. Improving seating, shelter and storage. Creating smaller spaces, whilst removing some play elements that had moved past their shelf life. All the time this was to embellish the landscape, making it more practical and sustainable as well as universally accessible.

The new design which is a collaboration between designer, educators, committee members and the centre community truly draws upon Bricolage Design’s true meaning and purpose, which is ‘using the means at hand’ and really re-purposing to re-create the existing space for the future