‘Play is for Everyone’ – Hepburn Shire Playspace Strategy

The Hepburn Shire Playspace Strategy 2020-2030 titled ‘Play is for Everyone’ was undertaken in collaboration with Conversation Caravan. The project a new strategy for council, looked at broadening the definition for play amongst the Hepburn Shire community, to include playground, water play, skate facilities, bike and dog parks. The strategy addresses both planning and process for council, establishing a structure for working, defining roles and responsibilities and providing guidance around design and development for future ‘inclusive’ and ‘intergenerational’ spaces for play over the next 10 years. The strategy seeks to provide a rigour to council’s current program, whilst allowing flexibility to tap into each township community’s unique character.

To find out more about the Playspace Strategy 2020-2030 visit the Hepburn Shire Website

Final Strategy completed: August 2020

Graphic design courtesy of Nathan Jackson of Conversation Caravan