Getting The Balance Right – Risk in Play Guide

Play Australia commissioned this work on a guide to complement the release of the new playground standards in 2014. The concept was to provide information alongside the standards to support play providers (local government officers, educators, play workers etc.) with a ‘balanced’ approach to making decisions around risk in play environments. Co-authored with Andrew Reedy from Playcheck this guide demonstrates the importance of thinking more broadly around risk in children’s play through 8 ‘real-life’ case studies.

The guide covers the following topics:

  • Definitions around safety, risk, hazard, harm and challenge
  • The value and benefits of risk in play and play environments
  • The risk benefit assessment process and how it differs from traditional risk management
  • The importance of collaborative discussion in decision making around risk
  • The role of standards, regulations and policy
  • 8 Case Studies from local government, early childhood, and public art projects

Launched: November 2015

Client: Play Australia

Graphic Design by Brad Welsh of Buro of Ideas