Girrabanya Inclusive Sensory Garden

An opportunity to upgrade a small section of the existing outdoor play area at Girrabanya and support children at the centre with additional needs came about through the Inclusive Kindergarten’s Facilities Grant. Girrabanya Children’s Centre and the City of Ballarat were looking to develop a sensory garden space for ‘all’ the children at the centre to play together. This project looked to incorporate all the senses; sight, touch, smell, taste and sound in a way that is accessible, integrated and flexible.

The new design repurposes the existing undercover space for imaginative and creative play and connects everything with accessible spaces and surfaces.  A significant feature is dirt play and gardening at raised levels as well as at ground level. There is a section for imaginative play with a raised deck and play kitchen area, a music area with percussion and interactive elements. The digging patch is also supplemented by a raised Fairy Garden and low bamboo fences provide enclosure as much as provide vertical features for interactive elements such as a ball / car race. Central to the space is a raised, tiered water play area.

Concept Completed: April 2018

Budget: $110,000