How to Grow a Playspace

Commissioned by Routledge, Taylor & Francis Publishers in London, UK in 2015, this book pulls together a range of specialised subjects and case studies on play and playspaces from around the world. Aimed at educators, designers, play providers and play workers, the book ties together both children’s development, play environments and the practicalities of starting and managing a playspace. Specialised topics include:

  • The history of play and playgrounds
  • Insights into the mind of a child
  • Child Friendly Cities
  • Inclusive playspaces
  • Loose materials
  • Art and play
  • Nature environments for play
  • Color and materials
  • Affordances for play
  • Planting design
  • School environments
  • Street play
  • Risk in play
  • After 14 years

Case studies included come from Australia, UK, USA, India, Netherlands, Japan, Peru, Denmark, Palestine, and Uganda.

Due to be published in January 2017 worldwide.