Penders Park All Abilities Playspace & Community Space, Thornbury

The project at Penders Park for the City of Darebin in Melbourne’s inner-north included several different elements; a new All Abilities Playspace, a Multi-Generational Space and ‘Changing Places’ / Accessible Toilets. A broader concept plan was developed for this work at the initial stages, also including a feasibility report and concepts for the ‘Changing Places’ / Accessible Toilets by Talina Edwards Architecture: Elemental Design. Community involvement on this project was significant with a working group established to work alongside council in delivering this project as well as the broader Master Plan for the Park.

The All Abilities Playspace became the key focus of the project in terms of community delivery and this formed the latter part of the project’s detailed design. The design for the playspace is centred around a community gathering space and the idea of investing as much opportunity for inclusion and participation throughout. Smaller spaces of activity radiate out from this central area, while the playspace moves from a space for younger years to more challenging play across the space. The protection and incorporation of existing trees was of key importance, as was the inclusion of a variety of sensory and creative details and elements and connection to local indigenous and natural history. This included a substantial native planting palette, including bush foods and the sustainable re-use of equipment and infrastructure where possible.

The project is to be delivered in 2 stages over consecutive financial years.

Budget: $500K

Team: Liz Cummins, Ghazal Ramezani and Scott Rossiter (Bricolage Design & Associates), Wendy Holland (community vibe), Talina Edwards (Talina Edwards Architecture – Elemental Design), Les Kroenert & Associates, Andrew Reedy (Play Check) and Helen Fernwannan (Architecture & Access)

Concept Design Completed: July 2019

Documentation Completed: 2019-2020

Stage One Completed: July 2020

Architectural Concept Design by Talina Edwards Architecture – Elemental Design

Perspectives by Scott Rossiter Design