Watton Street Children’s Centre, Werribee

This project was the design of a new childcare centre with two outdoor play areas, on both ground floor and rooftop. The centre caters for 104 children and the client was keen for the centre to provide as much natural play experience as possible. The ground floor play area is divided into 2 discreet spaces; one for kindergarten aged children, the other for babies. The play area provides children with many different spaces and activities including; swinging, sliding, climbing, running and balancing. There is also many new trees and plants in and around the site and lots of opportunity for creative and imaginative play.  The upper floor / rooftop play area was a little more restricted in size, but aims to provide a good balance of physical activity and opportunity for engaging and imaginative play within a setting of trees and plants. The site itself  sits adjacent to a historic Masonic Centre and as such heritage considerations were also important in terms of the design.

Completed April 2017[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]