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Landscape Design and Planning for Play

Creative and unique outdoor environments for both little… and big people.

Our passion is
landscape design
‘using the means at hand’.
Who We Are
Who are we?

Our passion is landscape design ‘using the means at hand’. This means that we understand the qualities you value and your particular needs for play and draw them out.

With over 20 years experience in education, play environment planning and design our philosophy is to bring a unique and whole perspective to play and playful environments for all ages.

We believe that creativity for play in the outdoors is boundless.

So whether you’re looking for design, planning assistance or advocacy around play, Bricolage can help.


Bricolage is design practice run by sole practitioner Elizabeth Cummins. Elizabeth is a qualified landscape architect (Bachelor of Design with 1st Class Hons, RMIT 2001) and teacher (Diploma of Teaching Early Childhood, Monash University 1989).


Specialising in landscape design and planning for play since 2011, Bricolage works with a number of other specialist consultants to listen to clients needs and tailor flexible design and planning responses to projects.


One of our key interests is promoting the importance of play to all Australians. Through our active membership of Play Australia, the International Play Association (IPA) and the International School Grounds Alliance (ISGA) we have worked tirelessly over the years to educate, share and support both everyone to value and engage more in outdoor play.


Supporting other great play initiatives is also important to us. Over the years we have been involved in supporting the Creative Cubby Project, Garden Common, Playground Ideas and Cities for Play.

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Renders by Scott Rossiter for Bricolage Design

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Our Services
Our Services
for Play

Whether you’re an early years centre wanting to refresh your outdoor play area, a school wanting to prepare a master plan or a council looking to upgrade a playspace, we offer expertise and experienced services to match your needs:


  • Sketch & Concept Design

  • Illustrative Drawings & Models

  • Detailed Design & Tender Documentation

  • Opinions of Probable Cost & Priority Planning

  • Advisory Services


We also offer regular landscape architectural services, including open space design, landscape master plans, community and recreation planning projects. To this work we bring our love of community and playful eye.

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Landscape Planning
Strategic Reports

Strategic Planning is one of the key services we offer to local government, especially around play. Our expertise in planning for play means that we can offer our clients tools tailored to their specific needs such as:


  • Consultation & Engagement

  • Play Value Audits (Desktop or Site Assessed)

  • Research and Precedent Studies

  • Design Guidelines

  • Policy Development

  • Strategic Mapping / GIS Services

  • Priority Planning and Budget Projections

"Play is both the initiation into,
and the embodiment of, the idea and practice of freedom. So here’s to freedom, that renegade fragrance, and the whiff of it we call play."

- Bernard Speigal, 2013

We have produced a number of national and international publications, journal and magazine articles, presentations and promotional materials on play. Our expertise and understanding current and emerging trends in play mean we can also offer clients the following services:


  • Feature Articles

  • Publications (Editing & Authoring)

  • Presentations

  • Marketing and Promotional Advocacy Materials

and Advocacy
3 x 20

3 x 20 Studios is a collective landscape architectural team comprising of Leaf Design Studio, Laimiga Design Studio and Bricolage Design that formed in 2019 to take on more bespoke, larger scale landscape design projects.


Employing collective strengths and expertise dating back over 20 years, we three colleagues and friends come together to share the joy of work collaboratively.

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